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Let me start by saying that we did not stay at the Seven Stars Resort and if you have any sympathy for what they did to us you will not either.

The Seven Stars Resort in Turks and Caicos has absolutely devastated my fiancé!!! We were planning on having our wedding there in October of this year (2014) but because of an incompetent staff and a total lack of “managerial experience”, that is no longer the case. My fiancé and I flew out to TC to plan our wedding. Before we went on our week long trip I e-mailed and called the resort to arrange meetings with the on-site wedding planner; however as they days got closer to our trip there was still no response. When we arrived on TC we headed to the Seven Stars Resort to meet with the planner, unannounced, but again we had no luck speaking with anyone in that department – and I use that term loosely. We left a message with the concierge and went on our way. First day on TC wasted, again no call. The second day of our trip was spent leaving voicemail messages to the wedding planner and the front desk, again the whole day passed and no response. On the third day of the trip we decided to try again; finally we met with a “wedding coordinator” (Laura Staniforth) who immediately informed us that the Planner (Niki Flowers), the person with any and apparently all authority in terms of on-site weddings, was out of town or “off island” as she put it. We arrived in TC with the intention of signing a contract and getting everything planned but because Niki was still off the island so Laura insisted that we wait for her to return; as this was no big deal and could be done via internet.

She informed us of the dates that she had available and we chose our date in front of her. We made it crystal clear that we had every intention of utilizing that date; she emailed us a proposal later that night. She in turn encouraged us that it was all set and in order for us to save some money we should meet with vendors that were not covered by the Hotels wedding package (Photographer, DJ, Priest, Florist, etc.) and so we did. The entire remainder of the trip was spent meeting and interviewing all these venders in the Seven Stars Lobby, in plain sight of all the staff including the coordinator that we spoke with. We made all the arrangements, begged and pleaded for the promised dates as most were close to having full schedules by our wedding date. Altogether we spent close to $5000 USD on the trip. TC is NOT cheap by any means.

As soon as we got back to the states we continued calling and leaving messages for the Wedding Planner (Niki Flowers) and again no responses. Finally after 3 days of emails, voicemails and front desk messaging we received an email from Niki. After all that we had been through, all the money we spent, all the time spent on interviewing vendors, all the excitement that we had built up with our family and friends about the date we received the most shocking email, an EMAIL mind you…not even the decency to speak directly with us, telling us that the date that Laura (wedding coordinator) had specifically promised us was no longer available. I could see the pain in my fiancés eyes when she read the message. First it was pain and tears, then it was frustration (well it’s always been frustrating…no one at Seven Stars bothers returning a call) and now it’s just absolute devastation that my fiancé feels. They ruined, within seconds, what took us a few years to plan; they destroyed the one day that every woman dreams of! I spoke with the Hotel Manager (Bela Govindjee) expecting some assistance. However, she quickly dismissed our claims and basically told us that there was absolutely nothing they would do to correct the situation.

We urge you to help us return the “screw you” favor to the Seven Stars Resort/Hotel by NOT STAYING THERE. Thank you for taking the time to read this…wish us luck.

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